When I collect money with Stripe, how can I keep track of multiple SignUps' contributions separately?


Is your group collecting money with our payments partner Stripe via several individual SignUps? If so, to simplify your tracking, you will be able to set up one account for receiving funds in Stripe and will simply edit the name of each SignUp in the Stripe system as you enable contributions.


Each time you add a new SignUp to collect funds via your Stripe account, Stripe generates an entry called "SignUp Contributions". The easiest way to organize multiple SignUps is by changing the name in the Stripe settings for each SignUp to a title you recognize.

To view and edit this title, please log into using your email and password and click on the menu in the upper left corner. You can see in this example that there are four SignUps associated with this one Stripe account (all listed as “SignUp Contributions”). 


To find out what SignUp is associated with the first listing, you'll need to find the SignUp title in the automated receipt listing. Please click on "SignUp Contributions" and then select Settings -> Account Settings -> Branding and take a look at the preview-email-receipts diagram - this will show you the name of your SignUp in Stripe associated with this "SignUp Contributions" entry.


Then, go to Settings -> Account Details and change the account name to your SignUp Title. In the  screenshot below, the Account Name was edited to be “Classroom Donations”.


Your new SignUp title will now show up in the in the menu in the upper left corner of Stripe. You may click on this entry to then run reports or authorize refunds specific to the Classroom Donations SignUp collection.


You can also do this one-at-a-time as you create the SignUps, logging into Stripe and changing the Account Name before you have multiple accounts listed with the same names.

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