I cannot find my event, SignUp, or school on What should I do?

Thank you for wanting to participate! doesn't post signups for public search (for security purposes, many of our activities involve children). To get access to your SignUp, please try these suggestions:

  • Please contact your activity Organizer/Coordinator directly and ask for a personal SignUp invitation.
  • Check your organization's website or social media feeds for links to their active SignUps.
  • Go to and click Find My SignUp in the menu on our homepage - if you have any upcoming SignUps you've been personally invited to, we'll send you new access links and a summary of your assignments, along with the SignUp Organizer's contact information.

If you have a SignUp link and it's not working, please click Help in the menu at and select Contact Us - include the SignUp link (and where you got it) on the help form and we'll be happy to assist.


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