I can not Log In. What do I do?

If you are an Organizer and cannot log in - please check the spelling of your email address, or consider any alternate email addresses you may have registered.  If you believe you may have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password?.  If you are still not successful, please click the orange SUPPORT button to the left and send a message to our support department.

If you are a Participant, Volunteer or Class Parent, chances are you DO NOT have a registered account with a password.

Two options for quickly finding your SignUp sheet(s):

1. There is a link in every invitation, confirmation, and reminder email that you received. Search your inbox for messages about your current SignUp from, then click the link to access the SignUp.

2. Go to our homepage,, and click Find My SignUp Sheet to be sent new links to all your SignUps.




Note: Participants may register an organizer account (with a password),even though it is not required.  You may then Log In to your Account and see all SignUps on your Dashboard.

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