People keep signing up under my email address, not their own. What is happening? has shareable SignUp links and also personal signup links.  Our Personal Signup links are coded to unique email addresses.  It's very likely your Personal SignUp Invitation was accidentally forwarded or shared in a group posting or message, instead of a Shareable URL link.

If you're a Participant (parent, volunteer, student), please forward this help article to the Organizer right away.

If you're the SignUp  Organizer, please read on:

The SignUp link in each invitation is uniquely-coded to the recipient's email address. This link allows participants to sign up for your activities without having to register for their own account with a password (a feature they love).

To prevent people from sharing personal invitations, we have both a text warning in each email invitation and an additional pop-up email confirmation screen when participants enter the SignUp that looks similar to this one below. 

If participants are moving quickly and click Yes before reading, they will be signed up for new assignments under the wrong email account.

To correct this situation and get a Shareable URL link, please follow these easy steps:

    1. Send a message to all of your volunteers and tell them to please ignore the previous link.
    2. Clear all spots assigned to the wrong email address. The quickest way is to do this is in the Participant tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. Click on the email address that was shared (yours?) and Delete all the assignments by clicking the red X to the right of each assignment.
    3. Get the correct Shareable URL link. The shareable link is a generic link which can be sent to everyone using YOUR email account, group messaging, newsletter, etc. Get your shareable link by clicking the SignUp's Invite tab (in the blue menu bar).

Note: You may use any other invitation options as well.

Find out more about how to use the Invite by Shareable URL option in this help article:

How do I invite potential participants? 


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