How do I make changes to my spots or cancel my shift?

Thanks for signing up on! We will help you get the spots you want (and not any extras). For guidance in adjusting your SignUp choices, please watch this quick video or scroll down to follow the steps below: (NOTE: Video is currently being edited)


  1. Reenter your SignUp through the link in your confirmation/reminder email or through the original invitation. (search your inbox for a message from '')
  2. Click My Spots to see just the spots you have signed up for. (see screen shot below)
  3. Click on the Spot you wish to change/remove
  4. Choose to Edit or Remove your commitment.
  5. Make adjustments or sign up for different items until you have the spots you want. Click Done at the top of the page. all set!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If canceling your shift, please alert your activity organizer so s/he knows you're not able to make your commitment. Many organizers have activated our Swap feature and encourage (or require) participants to find their own replacements. If activated, the Swap button will show between Edit Spot and Remove.




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