How do I make changes to my spots or cancel my shift or appointment? (for Participants)

Thanks for signing up on SignUp! We will help you get the Spots (jobs, shifts, assignments) you want...and not any extras. Since most Participants don't keep accounts with passwords, you'll need to re-enter the SignUp via a link in your personal confirmation or reminder email from

If you can't find it, simply go to and enter your email address to be sent new invitation links that are coded to your email address. 


Invitation Summary Email:


  1. Click the link in your email to re-enter the SignUp. 
  2. To see the Spots you've signed up for, click My Spots (on a computer or tablet) or click the date that is marked Mine on a smartphone.
  3. Click on the Spot you wish to change or remove and select your action. 
  4. Make adjustments or sign up for different items until you have the Spots you want then click Done.

SignUps on smartphones look like this:

SignUps on large screen devices look like this:



IMPORTANT: If canceling your shift or assignment, please alert your activity Organizer directly so they know you're not able to make your commitment. Many Organizers have activated our Swap feature and encourage (or require) participants to find their own replacements. If activated, Swap will be an option listed under My Spots on a large-screen device such as a computer or tablet. (To use Swap on a smartphone, see: Can Participants Swap SignUp Spots?  

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