Can Participants Swap SignUp Spots? allows participants to swap spots IF this option is activated by the Organizer. This option is currently available on tablets and computers only (not yet on smartphone screens).

Participants: If you need to make a change to your schedule, our Swap feature makes it easy for you to find a replacement for your shift, job, or commitment. This short video shows you how - or scroll down for screenshots and details: 

Forward video to time code 1:35 to see Swap feature

To request a swap with another Participant, first enter your SignUp using your personal SignUp link found in your confirmation or reminder email from (Can't find it? Click Find My SignUp in the menu at to get new links sent to you.)

Once on the SignUp page, click the My Spots button to the right of the assignment you want to swap and select the Swap option.


Then review other participant's commitments and choose which spots you are available to swap. Just click on the Swap tab and the spot will be added to your list of requested people to swap with at the top of the page. You can select any number of potential spots/participants to request a swap with.


Then, click Next and enter a message to send to potential people to swap with.

An email swap request will be sent out to everyone on the list.  If the recipient chooses Click Here in the email, s/he is taken to a screen to accept the swap request. If another participant tries to accept the swap after it has been confirmed by someone else, they will see a message saying "Swap is no longer available, thanks for trying!"

Organizers: You can turn this option on or off in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view: 

1. Go to the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view by clicking the SignUp's Title in the Organize tab / My SignUps screen (or in the My SignUps section of your Dashboard).



2. Scroll down and check the box: Allow participants to swap spots



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