How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences?

We give organizers many options for customizing email notifications because every group and SignUp has different needs.


Find your SignUp in your Dashboard or Organizer / My SignUps tab and click SignUp Title and then the Settings tab link access your Organizer view.

In the Settings tab, scroll down to access your Email Options. Choose your preferences and click Update at the bottom of the screen.

Available Options:


Send reminders to participants - Pick when the reminders are sent to your SignUp participants. Choose reminders to be sent 1, 2 or 7 days before the commitment. 2 days is the default.

Note: You may send additional reminders at any time manually, using our Message feature (on the left when viewing the SignUp in My SignUps)

Notify participant when spots are changed - Choose whether participants will receive an automated email when you, the organizer, make the following manual changes to the SignUp. Yes is the default.

Assigning a participant to a Spot

Removing a participant from a Spot

Changing the date or time of a SignUp item (on which participants are signed up)

Send comments summary - Decide whether you wish to receive an email each time a comment is added to the SignUp in real-time, or to receive a daily summary. Daily Summary is the default.

Notify me when someone signs up - Get notified every time someone signs up for a spot on your SignUp. No is the default.

Notify me when someone cancels - Choose to receive a real-time alert when someone cancels, or only when a cancellation occurs at the last minute (after the reminder message has been sent to the participant). Any time is the default.

Notify me when this SignUp is full - Receive an alert when your SignUp is full. Yes is the default.

Add extra details to all reminders -  Any text or links entered in this field will show on all reminders sent to participants on this signup.


Mobile Device 

Once in a SignUp, choose Details, then Notifications.


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