Help! I am trying to sign up but can't. What should I do?

Thanks for wanting to participate - we'll try to get you signed up right away! This quick video will show you how to sign up for your activity on If you're having trouble or receiving an error when you try to sign up, please scroll down for more information.


1. Are you searching for your group's SignUp and can't find it? Please note: does NOT support public search - for security purposes, as many of our activities involve children. Please contact your organizer/organization directly and ask for a SignUp invitation link. Many groups also post their SignUp links on their website or in their Social media accounts.

2. Lost your SignUp invitation? Click Find My SignUp in the menu at top of our homepage ( to get new invitation links sent to your email inbox.


On a mobile device, click Join an Existing Event and then enter your email address:


3. Have a SignUp link, but it's not working? The first thing to check is that your browser copied the entire link. A correct link will look like this: with 7 CaSe SenSiTiVe characters after /go/. 

4. Receiving an error when trying to sign up? Most often, errors are situation specific and changing to an alternate device, browser or internet connection will immediately solve the problem. Please try switching devices, turning off your WiFi connection (on smartphones), or trying an alternate browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari - whatever you're not using now). If you clicked a link on a website and got a "page not found error" - please alert the Organizer to copy a new SignUp link as there was a pasting error and everyone will be experiencing the same trouble.

Still having trouble signing up? Please click Help in the menu at the top of the site and select Contact Us. Share a short description of the problem and paste the link you're using in your help request. Our support team will be able to troubleshoot for you.




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