How do I cancel my account?

Are you a volunteer or class parent?

Typically, volunteers/participants/class parents do not have registered accounts with You may delete your assignments yourself by following these instructions: How to Delete my Spots.

Or, please contact your activity organizer and ask him or her to please delete you from the activity roster.

Are you an Organizer?

We will delete your account at your request - but first, please consider these Three Reasons To Keep your Account:

  1. Quickly copy your SignUp plans or pass the baton to a new organizer or a new activity next year - without having to re-enter all the ToDo/ToBring items.
  2. keeps your volunteer roster for each SignUp so you can easily invite the same participants to future SignUps without having to re-enter email addresses.
  3. It is totally free to keep your account. Come back any time and pick up where you left off.

Still want to delete your account?

Click "Help" then "Contact" at the top of the website and fill out the form including:

  • Your name and registered email address
  • Subject: "Cancel my Account"
  • Message: "Please cancel my account, I realize all of my SignUps and Invitations will be permanently removed from My account is {Basic / Premium} << please specify. " Please also take a moment and let us know why we do not meet your needs. We add new features all the time based on customer feedback and perhaps we can point you to a more suitable resource.

If you want to cancel your Premium Subscription plan, but KEEP your basic account, please read this: How to cancel my Premium subscription

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