Does offer an ad-free version?

We offer an ad-free experience that eliminates picture and video ads on all SignUps, Group Pages, email notifications and Organizer views, as well as Sponsored special offers (check boxes) in the Participant SignUp experience. Any Basic (free) or Premium account can become ad-free for an additional $9.99 for monthly subscriptions or $99.99 per year for annual subscriptions (discounted with 2 months free).

To add the ad-free experience to your Basic (free) SignUp account, please see the instruction below. To add the ad-free experience to an existing Premium, Campus or Organization Plan, please scroll down for instructions. 



Upgrading to ad-free from a Basic (free) account. 

Please login at from a computer or tablet (not your smartphone) and click your name to go to your Profile page. You will upgrade in the middle of the page (click the green Upgrade button) and add the ad-free experience in the payments screen (screen shot below):

  1. First choose the check-box at the top of the screen to "Upgrade to an ad-free experience..."
  2. Then choose the "Ad-free Only" option towards the bottom of the screen (monthly or annual subscription)
  3. Press Continue at the bottom of the screen to enter your credit card and pay. 

Your account will become ad-free within 5 minutes.



Upgrading to ad-free from a Premium, Campus or Organization Plan

If you would like to make an existing Premium Plan ad-free, please send us an email using the format below authorizing us to charge your credit card for the additional ad-free subscription fees. We will activate your ad-free experience within 12-24 hours (often much sooner).


From: The Primary Organizer's email address

Subject: Ad-Free Upgrade Request

Message: {Please copy/paste this message and add your information}

I have registered for a Premium Plan and would like to activate an ad-free experience.

The e-mail address of the Premium Account holder is _____________________.

I hereby give permission for you to move my Premium account to an ad-free upgraded account and understand that my payment will increase by $9.99/month for monthly plans and $99.00/year for annual Premium subscriptions, Campus and Organization Plans.

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