How do I change the text on the Invitation sent to potential participants?

Once you have sent an invitation, the text is saved and stored for all future invitations. To change or reset the text of the invitation, please follow this process:

1) Find your SignUp on the My SignUps tab and click the Manage link to access your Organizer view.

2) Click the Invite tab in the blue menu bar and check the first option Send an email through

3) Make the changes to the text and send at least one invitation. If you do not need to send an invitation to a participant at this time, just send the invitation to yourself to complete the process and store your new message.

Note: To send a personal message or update to participants who have been previously invited to your SignUp,click the Message tab in the blue menu bar to access the message options. You can then customize a message or thank you note and choose whom to send to by SignUp status, date, or even shift. A personal link to your SignUp will be automatically included in the message.

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