How do I set up multiple locations on is a very flexible tool and there are several ways to set up multiple locations in your SignUps, depending upon your specific needs.

If each location has several shifts and needs, and people will likely choose how to participate BY location, consider creating a separate SignUp for each location and posting links to all of the SignUps on one common Group Page


Once you setup one SignUp, it's easy to duplicate it for other locations. Please see:

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If your participants won't have a strong preference about which location to sign up for, creating one SignUp will likely meet your needs.

You have a few options for specifying location within each SignUp - either by Spot Title (job or shift title) or in the Extra Details field of the Spot(s).

Please note: on your SignUp, each day's list of needs will be automatically sorted by shift time, then by Spot Title.

Example: Location specified in Extra Details field (participant view)


 Example: Location specified in Spot Title (participant view)


If you wish to have your Spots show in order by Spot Title, instead of by start time, you will need to put the shift times in the Extra Details field so the SignUp will not automatically sort based on time fields. Please note: this will prevent from automatically tabulating the number of hours a participant has served.



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