I cannot see in the whole screen. Can I resize it to fit?’s screen is sized to fit most iPad, laptop, and computer monitors. From time-to-time, users on netbooks or small laptop screens will find that they need to scroll to see the whole screen. Instead of scrolling, most browsers allow you to resize the “Zoom” on your screen. This is typically a “View” setting – and setting your view to 80% or less, should do the trick. 

A shortcut to use with your PC is to click "Ctrl + minus sign"; with your Mac click "Apple + minus sign". Click these keys a few times until you get the view where you want it. To zoom back, click "Ctrl (or Apple) + plus sign”. 

To set all browser view settings back to normal in Firefox and Internet Expolorer, click “Ctrl + 0”; this resets both font size and the zoom %. If you are using Chrome, you just need to adjust the Zoom to 100%.

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