Can I print a calendar of my activity data?

While does not formally offer a feature that prints a 30-boxes style printed calendar of your SignUp data, we do offer a list-print of the month's activity (click the Reports tab of your SignUp). We also offer custom code to sync SignUps with a free Google Calendar embedded on your website.

Before you print, we have a few thoughts to share.

We are not big fans of a printed calendar for a few reasons:

1. Once a month is printed, if participants cancel or change their shifts, the posted paper will not reflect the changes. Instead we prefer participants/organizers view your SignUp on, as it will always be current in real-time.

2. With organizers planning all kinds of activities (1-100 shifts a day), not everything fits predictably into 30 boxes on one page when printed.

That said, we understand how important it is for you to know whom to expect and when, and have several ways to keep you up to date:

  • Any of your organizers can access the SignUp page in the participant or organizer view and see who to expect.
  • We will email you a status update each Friday so you can see what shifts are open and full for the week ahead (this list can be printed)
  • Our “SignUp” apps for Android and iPhone have status views so organizers can quickly see what shifts are full and available, who is coming and their contact information.
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