When are emails sent from SignUp and what do they say?

SignUp sends a variety of email messages which are triggered by both timing and actions. The most common email messages are pre-populated with information entered into the SignUp by the Organizer, such as SignUp Title, Organizer name & email address, Spot(s) (jobs, assignments), location and extra details. Changing the information in your SignUp details will change what shows up in automated email messages. 

Examples of the most common email messages are listed below; there are a few commonalities among automated email notifications:

  • Notifications are sent from in the name of the Primary Organizer of the SignUp. The From line in an email it will look like this: Organizer Name <>.
  • Notification emails are sent individually to each Participant, and similar to a bcc message,  no participant can ever see another participant's email address.
  • If a Participant clicks to reply to a notification email, the Primary Organizer's email address will be populated in the new To line. 

Common Notification Emails

Invitation emails are sent within 5 minutes after the Organizer requests invitations to be sent.

           SUBJECT LINE reads <<SignUp Title>>: Please sign up

           eg. Appreciation Potluck:  Please sign up


Confirmation emails are sent as soon as the Participant selects their Spot(s) and clicks "Save" or "Done" and will batch all of their assignments into one notification. If a Participant signs up and forgets to click the "Done" button, a confirmation message will be sent automatically within 15-20 minutes - allowing time for the Participant to sign up for multiple Spots. 

           SUBJECT LINE reads: You are signed up for <<SignUp Title>> - THANKS

           eg. You are signed up for North Hills Community Pool - THANKS


Reminder emails notifications are sent 1-7 days before a Participant's commitment, depending on the Settings you choose (the default is 2 days before the assignment). You may change when reminders are sent and add an additional line of text to every reminder (such as a document link or last minute details) in the Settings tab of your SignUp Organizer view. Please see How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences?


           SUBJECT LINE reads: <<SignUp Name>> - Reminder!

            eg. Library Volunteers - Reminder!


Assignment emails are sent when an Organizer makes a manual assignment for a Participant. These notifications are batched and sent every 20-30 minutes listing all assignments. The delay gives Organizers time to make multiple assignments for the same person within one notification message.

           SUBJECT LINE reads: <<SignUp Name>> - Important Update

            eg. Townville Baseball Volunteers - Important Update



Wait List Notification emails are sent to Participants who choose to be notified when Spots open up or Spots are added by the Organizer.  

           SUBJECT LINE reads:  WAITLIST ALERT: Spots now available for <SignUp Name>

            eg. WAITLIST ALERT: Spots now available for North Hills Swimming Pool



Change emails are batched together and sent to participants after the Organizer stops making changes (adding, removing, changing participant assignments). Change emails can be turned on and off. Please see:  Changing organizer email preferences (email notifications)

           SUBJECT LINE reads: <<SignUp Name>> - Important Update

            eg. Autumn Bounty Food Closet- Important Update


Organizers receive 'echo' emails to their inbox each time one of these Participant messages is sent on their behalf, listing:

  • custom invitation or message text
  • who the SignUp notification was sent to
  • the contact information of the Participants
  • who text reminders were sent to (if authorized)
  • alerts if there was difficulty sending to any contacts


Friday Status Preview are emailed weekly to the Organizer(s) for each current SignUp listing a summary of who has signed up for the week directly ahead (Sunday - Saturday) and which Spots are still open. The Status Preview gives a summary of each Spot (job, shift, appointment) for each day, in this format: 




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