How do I archive or delete an activity / SignUp sheet?

If you’re the Primary Organizer, you can archive or delete any activity. It's a two-step process giving you flexibility to restore your SignUps later.

1. Find your SignUp in your Dashboard or My SignUps tab. Click the Tools > Archive link. The system will deactivate your SignUp, storing it in the Archive view and no-one will be able to select or change assignments.

NOTE:  You can Archive a number of signups at the same time.  See:  Can I Manage Or Transfer Several SignUps At Once? Bulk Actions


2. If you wish to Delete or Restore an Archived SignUps, choose "Archived SignUps" from the Filter by menu. In this view you have the option to Delete or Restore your SignUp from the Tools menu. Once SignUps are deleted, they can't be restored.


Please note: Participants will NOT be sent an auto-cancellation notice when the entire SignUp is Archived or Deleted. To notify volunteers of an event cancellation:

1. Before deleting the SignUp, open your activity from My SignUps by clicking on the SignUp Name.

2. Click the Messages tab in the blue menu bar.


3. Choose message recipients (all invited, all signed up, etc.), customize your message and send.

4. Then, Archive your SignUp

For more information on sending Messages, see:  Tour of My SignUps Messages Tab




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