What is an Active Participant?'s free service provides an unlimited number of activities and participants. Premium Service provides unlimited activities and subscription rates are calculated by the number of active participants. An active participant is someone whose information is stored on a the roster of a SignUp within

Choose the level or Premium Service needed for the high water mark of your roster size on your largest activity. An active participant is counted per activity SignUp in one of two ways:

    1. Anyone the organizer has invited to sign up FROM (using the Invitation button in the SignUp view).
    2. Anyone who has clicked a Shareable Invitation Link to the SignUp and entered their email address (whether they then choose a spot or not).

Note: The organizer may delete inactive participants from their roster at any time to reduce the active participant list size and if a person is on the roster of two activity SignUps, they are only counted once.

You may invite a large number of participants to sign up using a Shareable Invitation Link without affecting your active participant count.


I am planning a race and invite 50 people directly using a invitation then post a Shareable Invitation Link in my eNewsletter to 2,500 people resulting in another 90 volunteers signing up - I pay for up to 150 active participant spots.

I set up 4 activities for my church. For 3 SignUps, I expect a total of 30 participants to sign up on the volunteer calendar over the course of the year.  For our large seasonal events, I expect 400 people sign up - so I pay for up to 500 participants.


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