How do I delete an assignment?

Are you a participant, volunteer or class parent?

Please see this article: How do I delete my spots/assignments?

Are you an activity Organizer?

There are two quick ways to delete a participant assignment:

  • Find by participant name
    1. Open your SignUp in and click the blue Participants tab.
    2. Choose the participant's name or email address and a window will pop up with all his/her assignments.
    3. Click the "X" next to the the assignment, then Savemceclip1.png
  • Find by day
    1. Open your SignUp in and choose the Spots tab.
    2. Navigate to the day the participant is assigned.
    3. Click the shift/task/item to which the person is assigned and click Assignmceclip2.png
    4. Then click the "X" , then Closemceclip3.png
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