How do you Clear your Cache or your Browser Memory

Here's how to clear your cache/browser memory

To make browsing the internet faster, almost all browsers store copies of webpages you've visted and open destinations from memory. From time to time, this can cause an error as the browser tries to access a page that has been changed. Clearing your Cache/browser memory will reset the browser so it loads with the most current information.

Here's the process for many common browsers.

Using Chrome:

  • Click Settings (upper-right-hand corner) looks like a wrench
  • Choose Tools
  • Choose Clear browsing data
  • Click to choose Empty the Cache (you may click to deselect the others)
  • Click button at bottom that says Clear browsing data

Using Chrome for Android:

  • Click Settings
  • Under Advanced, Click Privacy
  • Click Clear Browsing Data (top right of screen)

Using Safari:

  • Open Safari browser
  • Click on History
  • Click on clear history from the drop down window
  • Close and open browser again

Safari on iPad:

  • Go to the Settings App on your iPad
  • Select Safari
  • Within the Safari menu, tap the Clear History and Website Data button (in older versions choose Clear Cookies and Data)
  • In the pop-up window, tap Clear

Using iPhone:

  • Close your Safari browser app all the way
  • Select Settings
  • Select Safari
  • Select Clear Cookies and Data, Clear History and Website Data or Clear Cache (depending on your iOS version) then Confirm

Using Android:

  • Start your browser
  • Tap Menu, then tap More
  • Select Settings
  • Under Privacy settings, select Clear cache or Clear all cookie data as appropriate and then tap OK

Using Firefox 14.X

  • Click the gold Firefox tab in the upper left corner
  • Hover over History (do NOT click)
  • Click Clear Recent History...
  • Set timeframe to Everything and click Details (looks like a down arrow)
  • Check Cache and uncheck everything else
  • Check Clear Now
  • Close and open browser again

If the tab is not in the upper left corner, click Tools in the menu bar then: Clear Recent History and follow the steps above.

Using Firefox 33.X

  • Click the three bars on the upper- right section of the screen,
  • Choose History
  • Click Clear Recent History
  • Choose Time Frame to Clear as Everything
  • Under Details, check Cache and uncheck everything else
  • Click Clear Now

Using Internet Explorer 9-11:

  • Click the Tools or Settings icon (the gear found in the upper right hand corner of your screen)
  • Click Internet Options
  • Choose the General Tab
  • Click Delete under Browsing History
  • Click Temporary Internet Files (this is the only one that needs to be checked; you can uncheck the others)
  • Click Delete at bottom of the pop-up and then click OK

Using Internet Explorer 8: (this browser is no longer supported)


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