What do I do when my participants get the message, "This day is currently being edited by the organizer. Please try again in an hour."

Participants (Volunteers / Parents)

When participants try to access a day that is being edited by an organizer, you will see a lock icon next to the SignUp button:


And when hovering over the lock, you will see this message:


If you are receiving this message, please contact your organizer directly or wait and try again later.



This message is generated when the system thinks you, the organizer, are currently editing your SignUp. If you are not editing a SignUp, your browser may have closed before you clicked Save, or you may have had a small internet disruption so the signal was not properly sent.

Your SignUp will automatically reset after an hour and participants will be able to sign up again - no action needed on your part. If you are near your computer and want to reset the SignUp yourself, please follow these quick steps:

  1. Sign in to your account, open your SignUp and then click on the date in question (you must open the specific date that is affected).
  2. Open any ToDo/ToBring item and click Save, then Save this date.
  3. Click the link that says "Back to My SignUps" in the top left of the screen to close the SignUp.

To prevent this message in the future, please be sure to save and close the organizer views before closing your browser window.

Test It!

To test to see if your SignUp is reset, find your SignUp in either the Dashboard of My SignUp tab and click the orange "Preview" link  and view the spots on the date that was previously in edit mode.

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