What is's Clipboard iPad App?

Clipboard by is a virtual clipboard SignUp sheet, bringing free, easy SignUps to iPad for any group gathering. Download Clipboard by Now! 

You can now achieve the familiarity of a traditional clipboard SignUp sheet by transforming your iPad into an intelligent SignUp Clipboard powered by Here's how it works in three quick and easy steps:

  1. Plan your Signups at 
  2. Launch the Clipboard app
  3. Pass it Around!

People sign up and choose their spots while at your team meeting, back-to-school night, conference, or get-together -- and you accomplish in a matter of minutes what would have taken days of phone calls and 'reply-all' email chains to get people organized! Clipboard keeps the SignUp spots current, in real-time, with your online SignUp, and sends the same automated confirmation and reminder messages your participants have learned to appreciate.

Download: Clipboard by in the App Store today:

Click here to download Clipboard .

  • Synchs with your online activities in real-time
  • Launch multiple SignUp sheets/calendars at the same time, in one place
  • Invite people to sign up in-person on your iPad, or traditionally via email or a shareable URL link
  • WiFi required


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