Can participants and volunteers share an email address?

Yes, participants can share email addresses and sign up for others, however, it's not ideal because automatically links each participant's assignments to individual email addresses. This is why participants never need to register and keep a account with a password.

There are a few ways to accommodate multiple participants using one email address - please read all the suggestions and choose the best one for your group:

  • For some email providers, such as, you may modify a base email address by adding a plus sign (+) to 'clone' the single address into multiple email addresses. E.g. (for primary or first volunteer) (for spouse) (for child)and so on.

When emails have a +XXXX after the first part of the email address, standard internet email processing sends all emails to the base account of

This is the best way to allow multiple people to share one email address.

  • When signing up for someone else, ask the email address holder to put the name of the participant in the Comments box for that Spot.  This works great for parents signing up kids.
  • Participants signing up for multiple Spots on the same task/shift may enter a quantity of 2 and then write both names in the Name Field - e.g.  Joan & Peter Wilson
  • Organizers, if you know you have many people signing up others, you may add an Extra information Field (in your SignUp's Details tab) to capture the name of the person the email account holder is signing up for.  This works well for parents choosing spots for kids.
  • If you have very active Participants sharing email addresses, encourage them to create separate addresses for each family member using a free service like In this case, set the inbound mail to forward to the primary email address so there is no need to access the extra email accounts for messages, but the new addresses can be used to sign up individually for Spots on
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