How do I send a message, update or alert to participants? has several options for messaging participants - it's easy! At any time, you can choose to send messages to your participants about changes in the schedule or details, rain delays, send maps and links, or make calls for additional participants and supplies needed. (NOTE: This option is for messaging participants on one SignUp, to contact participants across multiple signups, please see: Can I send a Message, Announcement, Document or Thank You Note to participants Across Multiple SignUps or Group Pages?)

  1. Start by opening your SignUp by clicking on the SignUp name in My SignUps or Dashboard. Then, click the Messages tab in the blue menu bar.
  2. Choose to send a Message or Thank You Note.
  3. Select Recipients for your message. You may choose to send to everyone or specific participants based on SignUp status, date or shift.
  4. Customize your message and press Send. Messages always include a direct link to your SignUp sheet.

Detailed steps with screen shots:

Click the Message tab to send messages to your participants.

After you select the Message tab, choose to Compose Message or Send Thank You.

When you select Select Email Recipients, you choose recipients from those listed on this SignUp. You can sort the names by Status, Date Scheduled, and Spot. You also have the option to Add All participants from your list.

If you select Status as the way to sort the recipients, you can choose to sort again by Viewed, Not Viewed, Signed Up, Not Signed Up, or Declined.

Viewed - potential participants who visited the SignUp but did not sign up

Not viewed – potential participants who were invited by personal invitation, but have not visited the SignUp

Signed up – participants who have signed up for one or more tasks

Declined – potential participants who were invited by personal invitation and clicked on the response “No Thanks”

If you select Date Scheduled, you can choose from the dates that participants have signed up for and only send the message to participants signed up on those dates.

If you select Spot, you can choose from the available spot titles and only send emails to participants signed up for those spots.

After you select the recipients for your message, select Save List and return to the previous page.

Customize and send your message. You can also add links to maps, surveys, documents or websites in the Message body. will send your message within 15 minutes and will automatically include SignUp links to your SignUp.

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