How can I track RSVPs or the total number Attending an event?

Add RSVP Spots to any SignUp and your Participants can sign up for the total number of people in their party attending.


How to Add RSVP Spots

When adding a new Spot to your SignUp, select you want people to "do or or attend" and include "RSVP" in the item title.


  • You may either set a limit on the total number of people who can RSVP or allow "any number of" people to sign up.
  • You may add Extra Details to direct participants:


  • An RSVP Spot can be added to any SignUp's list of Spots.  You can force the RSVP Spot to display at the top of the SignUp by either setting it's start time earlier than other Spot's start times, or leaving the time setting to "at anytime". 
  • Consider separate Spots for adults, children, or Participants with special accommodations (needing close parking, with food allergies, etc.)
  • You can even Set Limits on how many Spots each person is allowed to sign up for. Learn more here

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