Can participants log hours that are not related to a specific SignUp?

While our Max-level Premium, Campus and Organization Plans offer automated hours tracking reports based on SignUp assignment activity, if your participants/volunteers contribute hours that are not part of a specific SignUp, you will need to set up  a separate "Log Your Hours" SignUp to capture their participation. These hours will then be automatically calculated as part of your Hours Tracking Reports. We also offer a Personal Volunteer Hours Log for individuals to keep track of their participation outside of SignUp-organized activities.

No-Specific Day Hours Log

1. Create a No Specific Day SignUp kind and label it "Log Your 'Non-SignUp Volunteer Hours". Take note of the suggested Welcome Message in the example below. 


2. When it's time to Add a Spot, set up two Spots both allowing any number of people to sign up and the Spot Names "Volunteering: One Hour " and "Volunteering: Thirty Minutes". Set the time increment to reflect an one hour increment (such as 8am-9am), and then any thirty minute inrement (such as 8am-8:30am).  Notice the suggested text in Step 2: Add extra details.


3: This is what the Participant will see: 


Post the SignUp invitation link on your website or in a place where volunteers have quick access to this SignUp. Someone who volunteered for 3-1/2 hours volunteer would sign up for 3 Spots for the 1-hour time frame, and 1 Spot for the 30-minute time frame. If you request it, they can write in the comments box where & when they volunteered.


Personal Volunteer Hours Log
There is a Personal Volunteer Hours Tracker avialble in the SignUp app and at (from a mobile device) for volunteers who wish to log their own "Non-SignUp organized" service hours to keep track for their own records, before entering their hours on your official "Non-SignUp Volunteer Hours" SignUp log. Personal hours logs DO NOT automatically affiliate with your group's SignUp.



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