How do I create a SignUp for Carpools?

Whether you are organizing a carpool for your child's class, Scout troop, or for sports tournaments, makes carpool planning easy!

Getting Started

  • To begin the Planning Wizard, click on  from your Dashboard.
  • Complete the first step of the Planning Wizard by Choosing the SignUp Kind: Single or Multiple Days. Complete the basic Details and click Next at the bottom of the screen.
  • Screen two of the Planning Wizard prompts you to Add New Spots to your SignUp by clicking, the +Create New Spot Button:

Add a Spot

Complete this section as if you would be telling someone what you need when you are speaking to them

Step 1: What do you want people to sign up for?

Set the number of people to attend as the total number of children needing transportation and put the destination in the Spot title. Add the departure time, and the return time, if known. (see example below)

Step 2: What day(s) does this Spot happen

Choose the date or dates you need drivers

 Step 3: Add extra details

Ask parents to sign up for the total number of children they can transport. (see example below).

This is also the perfect place to add important information such as:

  • map links to the destination
  • pick up or drop off instructions
  • car seat needs

Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your work.

Want to add more Spots? Clicking the Add a Spot button again and answer the prompts. Once you get started, it will be quick to proceed through the steps.

Happy with all your Spots? Click Next to finalize your SignUp by choosing a creative background theme then invite people to sign up or make manual assignments for them.



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