A Tour of My SignUps Participants Tab

The Participants Tab

From the Home Page, click on Organize, choose My SignUps, and click on the SignUp name.  The Participants tab is where you will keep track of your volunteer/parent list and assignments. People listed in this tab received a personal invitation emailed or accessed the SignUp by using a URL invitation link or a web button link. Information on this screen includes the volunteer/parent’s name, email address, and number of shifts/tasks/items the person has signed up for on this specific SignUp. It also shows the last date the participant viewed the SignUp screen.

You can sort the list by Participant Name, # of Assignments, or Last View by clicking the top of the respective columns.

Double click on a participant's name to see additional information -- contact information, any Extra Info field information (Premium Service), and the participant's current assignments.

Click on the Assignment to edit or add assignments to that day's list of options.


The participants tab will also show if emails are bouncing or if a participant has declined participation in the event.



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