How do I copy last year's or season's Signup plans to this year? makes it easy to re-use plans from last season to create a fresh SignUp for this season. (NOTE: If you have a year-round SignUp calendar and want to extend it into the future, please see this help article for instructions.)

To reuse plans from a prior SignUp, please follow this sequence:

1. Login and go to your Dashboard or Organize/My SignUps tab to find your SignUp. (Note: If you don't see your SignUp listed, change the Filter By option at the top of the page to show 'Past SignUps' or 'Archived SignUps'.)

2. Choose the Tools > Duplicate option to the right of the SignUp title.




3. Enter a New SignUp Name and select a New Start Date then click the blue Duplicate button. 

NOTE: If you're duplicating plans for a single-day even, such as a July 4th picnic, you will choose July 4th in the new year as the new Start Date. If your plans span multiple dates, you will want to match the first day of the week with the same day in the new calendar. For example, if the prior month-long SignUp started on Monday, August 3, set the new Start Date as the first Monday in August (matching Monday to Monday, and not August 3 to August 3). 



  • Give the SignUp a new name that will not be confused with the previous one. For example, Welcome Booth 2020 becomes Welcome Booth 2021.
  • Individual Participant assignments and SignUp rosters will NOT be duplicated. 
  • A new Shareable Invitation Link (URL) will be generated for the duplicated SignUp.
  • You will be the Primary organizer of the new SignUp.
  • If you have an annual event, please make sure the prior SignUp has just one year's worth of planned dates on it. (If you duplicate a SignUp with a multi-year history, the new SignUp will list multiple years going forward.) To delete a prior year's planned dates first, please see:  How do I delete days with in my SignUp?

To invite new participants and fine-tune your plans:

Open the new SignUp in your Organizer view by clicking on the SignUp title, then:

  • Go to the Details tab to edit the name of the SignUp, welcome message or organizer contact information. 
  • Go to the Invite tab to get the new Shareable URL or to invite people who participated in last year's SignUp.
  • Go to the Spots tab to add or edit the things Participants can sign up for or to make assignments for people manually.

For a review of all your Organizer views and options, please see: Managing your SignUps - Quick Video Tour


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