How Do I Change the Date of My SignUp?

Changing a date is a simple two-step process. First Copy your plans to the New day, then Delete the Original day.

Start by going to the Spots tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. (in the Organize tab / My SignUps screen, click the SignUp Title to open your Organizer view). The Organizer view menu will look like this: 


1. Copy your plans to the NEW day

  • Select the day you wish to copy FROM in the Spots Tab/ List View. (The date arrow must be pointed down to see the Copy option.)
  • Click Copy. 


  • In the Copy Day calendar, select the date(s) to copy your plans TO and Click 'Copy'. If you want to also copy Participants' assignments, set the green slider at the top of the screen to "Yes: Include Assignments". 


  • If you choose to copy assignments, Participants will receive an automated change email with their new assignment date(s). If instead you want people to re-sign up, please send a message asking them to choose new Spots on the new day(s); do so in the Messages tab.
  • If the date(s) you're copying TO already has Spots planned, it will show in the calendar as green (turning to red when you select it) and you will be given the choice to Merge or Replace the Spots on the new day(s). Merging will add the new copied Spots to the new day(s), and replacing will delete and replace the already planned day(s) with the copied day's Spots.


2. Delete the Original day

  • Choose the day you want to delete in the Spots tab (List View) and then click Delete.


  • In the pop-up, choose to delete just one day, or multiple days, and confirm by clicking Delete




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