How Do I Change the Date of My SignUp?

Changing a date is a two-step process. First Copy your plans to the New day, then delete the Old day.

To Copy or delete a day or days, please click Manage > Spots from your Dashboard to open the SignUp in your Organizer view -- then follow this process:

1. Copy your plans to the NEW day:

  • Click on the day you wish to copy FROM in the Spots menu (Calendar or List View)
  • Click 'Copy'

  • Choose the date(s) to copy TO and Click 'Copy'. If you want to also copy participant's assignments, click the check box below the calendar date picker.
  • If you choose to copy people's assignments, will automatically alert participants to the change. If you need people to choose their own Spots on the new day, please alert them by sending a notice in the Messages tab.
  • If the date you're copying to already has Spots planned, you will be given the choice to Merge or Replace the Spots on the new date.

To copy only certain Spots or add Spots to already planned days, please see: How do I copy a Spot (shift, job, item) to a new day or to several days in a repeating pattern?

2. Delete the original date

  • Choose the date you want to delete in the Spots tab (either the Calendar View or List View) and then click the Delete link.
  • Confirm in the pop-up screen.




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