How do I add or change the logo or background design on my SignUp?

Customize your SignUp by adding an image or logo, and by choosing a colorful background theme - there are more than 2,000 combinations! You may do so in the Planning Wizard when you first setup your activity, or you may access Themes in the Settings tab of your active SignUp (Organizer view).




Here's an example:



In the Themes window you will first, add an image or logo that will show in the upper left corner of your SignUp.  You have several choices:

1. Choose one of our images - use the menu scroll bar to see several options or search by keyword (#4 below)

2. Upload your own (great for logos)

3. Copy an image or logo from a previous SignUp you organized

Next, choose a background Theme.  Click Preview to see what your SignUp will look like with your image & background theme, then click Choose to select the background. You may also search for Themes by Category or by keyword. 

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