My SignUps keep getting "locked", how do I prevent this? has three types of "locks". Please see the options below to see why your lock is happening and how to correct it.

1. Locking a Day (in the Spots tab of the SignUp). The organizer can intentionally choose to Lock a day and prevent participants from being able to access that date to make any changes. Click on any date in the Spots tab of your Organizer view and look for the Lock and Unlock symbol next to the date.

If the SignUp is Locked intentionally, participants will receive a message that says: Sorry! This day is currently locked by the Organizer. Please contact (organizer name) with questions or changes at (organizer email address).

2. Organizer editing a day. When an organizer opens a specific date in the Spots tab of the Organizer view, that day is not available for participants to sign up until the organizer is done making changes and exits the day.

When a day is locked in this manner, the participants will see the message: This day is currently being edited by the organizer. Please try again in an hour.

The lock will automatically expire in 1 hour. Please see this help article for more information on unlocking a day in this state:

What do participants do when they get the message, "This day is currently being edited by the organizer. Please try again in an hour."

3. Multiple organizers, only one can access at a time. To prevent Organizers from writing over each others work, automatically Locks the activity when it is opened by any organizer and you will see a little lock symbol in the upper right corner of the SignUps Status view in the Dashboard. Click on that lock to see a time-stamp that the prior Organizer entered the SignUp, locking the day.

You may choose to override the lock and enter anyway - we only recommend this if you have tried to reach the prior Organizer or are certain they are no longer working in the SignUp (e.g. if the time-stamp is 5 hours past.).

Please note, this lock does NOT prevent participants from signing up. (unless a day is being edited, see #2 above)

Please remind all organizers to click Back to My SignUps when they are done working in the Organizer view to make the SignUp available for other Organizers.

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