I can't find my SignUps (I'm an Organizer)

If you have organized activities in the past and now can't find your SignUps, please double check three areas:

1. Are you logging in using the same email address you used to create the SignUps? Sometimes people have more than one email address, like a work and personal address. If you're not sure which address was used to set up the SignUps, please search your email folders for past notification emails from and check the Organizer address listed.

2. When you log in, are you clicking the Dashboard tab or the Organize tab? Those two views will give you Organizer access to your SignUps, the My Invitations tab lists SignUp invitations for Participants signing up only.

3. Do you need to adjust the "Filter By" pull-down menu to see current, past or Archived SignUps? (on both your Dashboard or or in the Organize > My SignUps tab)

If these three tips don't help you find your SignUps right away, it could be that there was a typo in your email address when the account was set up. Please send us a link to the SignUp (a Shareable link or a link from any invitation, confirmation or reminder message) and we can track down the address for you. Please send an email to asking for assistance that includes the SignUp link.

If it's been a while since you used, these help articles will give you a quick over view of all our new features and services and help get your plans going for the new season:

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