Samples of Premium Reports (requires Max Premium level)

Every Organizer may run custom reports within a single SignUp in the Reports tab of the SignUp's Organizer view. Standard reports include:

Who's Coming: A summary of all the Spots and Participants in a specific date range

SignUp and Check-in Sheets: Print them and take them to your event

Roster: A list of all Participants invited and signed up, their contact information and number of assignments

Export: Download (.csv) of all SignUp date to open in Excel or other programs. 

Hours Tracking (Premium Max feature): Summary of hours for each Participant

Premium Max and Campus Plan members may additionally run advanced reports across multiple SignUps, by Group Page, or by Organization/School License Code. Access Premium Reports in the My Tools tab when you login or from the My Reports section of your Dashboard. Premium Reports include:

All Fields Export: All fields for all selected SignUps including Signup name, Organizer, spots filled and unfilled, and Participant information

Participant Hours Summary: Summary of all Participants including the total number of hours signed up for

Participant Hours & Details: Detailed list of all Participants by SignUp including the total number of hours signed up for and custom registration information

SignUp Summary: Summary of all SignUps listing total number of Spots requested and filled, hours and more

Reports may be customized by date range and other factors and are delivered via email in .csv or Excel format. Once a custom report is run, templates are saved on your Dashboard for easy access and reuse throughout the year.

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Sample Premium Reports (to open in Excel):


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