Why is my email address pre-filled on the SignUp entry screen?

There are two reasons why your email address may be pre-filled on the entrance screen to your SignUp:

  • This will happen every time you're logged in because recognizes you.
  • It can also happen when you're logged out because your browser is 'helping' you by automatically adding your email address to the entry field as a 'cookie' shortcut. Other people won't see your information from their own devices.

For Organizers:

If you accidentally shared your Personal Invitation Link instead of a Shareable Link, then SignUp will recognize your participants as not logged-in as you and automatically route them to our Shareable SignUp page (the correct link for Participants).

If you want to get your SignUp's Shareable link, please see #2 in this help article: How do I invite people to sign up for my activities?

For a tour of all your Organizer views and options, please take a moment and watch the quick video in this help article: Managing your SignUps.


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