What do I do when my Signup has been flagged as having a large volume of past data?

If your account has been flagged as having a SignUp with a large volume of past data, you will be asked to refresh the SignUp. Your SignUp is in a potentially problematic state as the size of your data set can cause your activity to load slowly for people accessing from older computers or devices with limited memory. While we can store your data, we recommend one of these two options to ensure the site runs in top condition for your participants:

1 - Keep the Same SignUp Invitation Link and delete days in the past

2 - Create a new SignUp, with a new Invitation Link, fresh for this season


Option 1- Keep the Same SignUp Invitation Linkand delete days in the past

If it's important that you keep the very same Invitation Link and posted invitation links for the SignUp, then please follow this two-step process to reduce the activity size. First  export the data so you have a record of past activity, then delete days in the past.

1. Click the Manage link from your Dashboard to open the Organizer view of your SignUp

2. Export the SignUp data in the The Reports Tab of your SignUp by choosing the Export option in the lower right of the menu.

3. To delete the days that have past. Choose any past date in the Spots tab of your Organizer view, then click the Delete Link. In the pop-up menu, choose to Delete Multiple Dates and then select all the past dates in your date-picker. You will do this by choosing the little squares next to each week for each month in the past - then click Delete.

Note - Participants will not be notified when past dates are deleted. The screens will look like this:





Option 2: Create a new SignUp, with a new Invitation Link, fresh for this season

With this approach you will create an entirely fresh SignUp and re-invite your supporters to choose their spots. First set up a new SignUp in the Planning Wizard and then Copy your plans from the original SignUp to the new one. To keep the SignUp size manageable, please plan about 2-3 months at a time (as that's how far in advance folks likely know their schedules). This new SignUp will have new invitation links.

To copy a day's plan to new days on a new SignUp:

  • Choose +Create new SignUp from your Dashboard and complete the SignUp Details. Click 'Finish Later' when you get to the Calendar screen.
  • From your Dashboard, choose Manage on your original SignUp to open it in your Organizer view.
  • In the Spots tab, click on the date with the plans you wish to copy from and choose Copy
  • Choose the SignUp  you wish to copy to (the new SignUp ) from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen. Choose the dates to copy to and click Copy
  • Return to the new SignUp and click Manage to complete the Planning Wizard - making any needed changes to the plans. In the Invite step, you have the option to get new Shareable URL links and buttons, or Invite Participants from your Previous SignUp.

Note: Once the new SignUp is ready, either Archive the original SignUp or delete all future days so participants can't access the original SignUp accidentally.



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