Can I give the teacher access to my SignUp to view who has signed up? (View Only option)

If you're planning a SignUp on behalf of teachers or school staff members, you may quickly share free Teacher Access for your SignUp without the teacher becoming an Organizer on your SignUp. Teachers will receive an email with a "View-Only" link to a report they can access at anytime to see who has signed up and who is coming when. 

Additionally, the teacher will receive the Friday Status Report, just as the Organizers do. The Friday Status Report shows all assignments and open Spots for the upcoming week. 

You may set up View-Only when first setting up your SignUp or by adding it on the Details tab later.  See:  Tour of Details Tab

To activate the Teacher Status Reports, first, check the box marked Affiliated with a School and choose your school. Next check the box to Email weekly status reports to your teacher - you will be prompted to enter the teacher(s) contact information.

The teacher will receive an email right away. The "View Report" link can be bookmarked and accessed anytime.  **Make sure to suggest the teacher bookmark the SignUp, so they can view it at anytime.



When the teacher clicks View Report, they are taken to the Interactive Reporting view for the SignUp:


The report can be viewed on-screen, printed or exported to a CSV file to be opened with Excel. There are also options to customize the content of the report. The teacher may change the sort order by clicking the arrows in the column headers, and may also choose which SignUp data fields to show on the report:



For more reporting options, please see: How Can Teachers See Who Signed Up




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