Can I Edit the Information Included in Reminder Messages?

Reminder messages (email and text) have a standard format automatically populated by your SignUp information and includes:

  • Organizer Name and Email address
  • Location
  • Specific assignment Spot information (the Description, Date, Time and Extra Details).
  • Organizer Contact information 
  • (Optional) SignUp link to share with others

There are a few ways to customize automated Reminder messages:

1. Changing the Spot information in the Spots tab of your SignUp's Organizer. You may add several sentences of instructions and include links to important information that will be included in both the Participant's Confirmation and Reminder message. Please see: Can I attach a Zoom meeting link, document or map to my invitations, confirmations or reminders?

2. Adding an extra line of text or a link to an important document, map or online meeting that will only be included in Reminder messages (both email & text). Do this in the Settings tab/ Email Preferences screen. Please see: How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences? 

3. Updating the Location information in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view (including online meeting links that are the same for everyone). 


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