How can I use the electronic Participant Check-In to check-in participants for past dates?

While the Participant Check-in feature is designed to support active SignUps, you can check in Participants for past assignments with a few adjustments:

1) If you have a SignUp with no current or future dates, first Add a Spot, a single Spot as a placeholder, on any future date. You may assign the Spot to yourself so no one else can sign up. 

2) Open the Participant Check-in screen (in the My Tools tab) and add the updated SignUp to the list of SignUps to be included in the Check-in. If you have already added that SignUp to the list, no changes are needed.

3) Activate Participant Check-in. To find the past dates, first select the green Spots view and then click on the orange Show Past Jobs option.  This will allow you access to the past dates on the recently updated SignUps.

**Note:  Participant Check-In is available in our Premium Plus, Premium Max, Campus and Organization Plans.

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