How can I have participants accept a waiver or release after they have already signed up?

If the Waiver is added to the SignUp after participants have already chosen their Spots, they will have missed the opportunity to Accept the waiver. Please send a Message to already signed-up participants following the steps below, so they can accept the Waiver, too.

1. Go to the Messages tab of your SignUp's Organizer view.  Login at and from the Organize tab/ My SignUps screen, click the SignUp title to open your Organizer view. 

2. Choose to send a message to those participants with the Status of "Signed Up":




3. Send these directions in your message (the View Activity link will be automatically included):

We have added a waiver to the SignUp that must be accepted before your Spots can be confirmed. To view and accept the waiver, please follow these 3 quick steps:

1. Click the View Activity link below to re-enter the SignUp - the site will recognize you.

2. Look for the menu at the left (on large-screens) or in the 3-bar menu area at the top of the screen (on phones) and click on the "My Info" section. Your name and contact information will be listed.

3. Click Continue to accept the Waiver on the next screen. 

It's that easy -- thank you for participating!


The Participant experience will look like this: 

mceclip4.png     mceclip7.png




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