How do I extend my SignUp to the next month, quarter or year?

Many Organizers plan SignUp calendars that run year-round. We recommend you only plan your SignUp calendar 4- 6 months out as that's about how far out most Participants know their schedules (preventing many future changes and schedule conflicts).

When it's time to extend your SignUp calendar, we make it easy to copy your Spots and continue your schedule into the next month, quarter or year.  

While you can quickly copy full-days forward to the new time period, we recommend instead that you copy your individual Spots forward as a repeating schedule. Though it takes a bit more time up front, setting a repeating schedule will simplify making recurring assignments for Participants, or making edits and changes to the Spot times or details -- since a change made to the details of one Spot will cascade to all future Spots in your entire calendar.

Here's how to extend your SignUp with a Repeating Schedule:

1. Open your SignUp's Organizer view & go to the Spots tab.

Login and click the Organize tab/ My SignUps screen. Click the SignUp title to open your Organizer view and choose the Spots tab in this new screen.

2. Find the day to be copied. 

Select List View at the top of the Spots tab and go to the last week you have planned on your SignUp calendar. Choose the first day of the week you want to copy forward (M, T, W, etc.) and click on the first Spot and click the Edit link to open the Spot details view. 




3. Set the Repeating Schedule: Scroll down to the second section on this screen.  Extend the Repeating Spot End Date. Save and Repeat for each Spot on this day. 



4. Repeat for each schedule you have: Repeat Step 3 for each day or days of the week that has a similar schedule. If your schedule is different for each day of the week, you will have 7 Repeating schedules. If, as in the above example, you have one schedule for M/W/F and another for Tu/Th/Sat, you will have 2 Repeating schedules. If you have the same schedule every day of the week (even if just Mon-Fri), you will have just one Repeating schedule.

NOTE: If your SignUp has many past dates (with the number of Spots totaling 9,000 or more), we recommend removing some past data. Please learn how in this help article: What do I do when my Signup has been flagged as having a large volume of past data?

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