Can someone else add Spots to my SignUp (a teacher, mentor, volunteer, neighbor, etc.)?

Flexible SignUps with Add-a-Spot allows people to Add Spots to a SignUp IF this option is activated by the Organizer. This option is currently available on smartphones only (coming to large-screen devices soon). This feature is ideal for:

  • Neighborhood Mutual Aid Groups & Caring Calendars - neighbors and family members wanting assistance can create their own Spots identifying what kind of support they need - whether it’s someone to shop for them, bring dinner, mow the lawn or walk fluffy.
  • Mentoring Sessions - Professionals can add their own appointment times to the SignUp calendar, identifying when they are available to meet with mentees.
  • Tutoring & Office Hours - Teachers and tutors can add their availability and expertise so students can select meeting times to get the help they need.
  • Flexible Volunteer Schedules - Open your volunteer calendar so supporters can identify the time(s) and date(s) they prefer to volunteer so you know when to expect them. 
  • Play-dates, Babysitting & Driver Requests - Both parents and caregivers can offer up availability for the other party to sign up for.
  • You Name It - Do you have something to offer your community? Set up a Flexible SignUp with Add-a-Spot and invite your broader community to participate.

Want to Add a Spot to a SignUp? 

Working from your smartphone, click on the  + Add a Spot for others to sign up option at the bottom of the screen. 


Enter the Spot Name, choose the Date(s) and the Time (if needed). You also can enter additional information in the Extra Details field including a link to a map or detailed instruction documents. (When a Participant or Volunteer signs up for this new Spot, they will see the Extra Details information. The Extra Details information will also show on all Confirmation and Reminder messages sent to the Participant who signs up.)

Example 1: Mentoring Office Hours


Example 2: Neighborhood Mutual Aid



When you’re done, Participants signing up will see your new Spot (an appointment, a need, an offer, etc.) in line with all the other Spots to sign up for: 


Organizers: You can turn this option on or off in the first screen when you set up the SignUp and in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view: 

  1. Go to the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view (by logging in to and clicking the SignUp's Title in either the Organize tab / My SignUps screen or in the My SignUps section of your Dashboard).
  2. Scroll down and check the box: Allow people invited to this SignUp to create spots.



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