Can I use SignUp's software to help manage Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Requirements?

Yes! is a very helpful app in your arsenal to support your organization's Social Distancing and Contact Tracing goals given the coronavirus pandemic. We make it easy to manage occupancy, identify who was on your site at a given time and contact exposed community members, colleagues, congregants and local health officials.

Achieving Social Distancing by Managing Occupancy Limits

You start by setting up a new SignUp calendar with a series of appointment shifts (what we call Spots - with a start and end time) designating the maximum number of people allowed to be on-site/attend your event during each time period. A few notes:

  • When the Spot is full, no one else can sign up for that time period. 
  • You control if people can see the names of who else has signed up or not.
  • Participants can't change anyone else's appointment Spots.
  • We'll automatically remind Participants of their commitments and sync assignments to their smartphones so they remember to show up for their chosen time.
  • If you're concerned about people over-reserving, you have the option to set a Limit on how many Spots someone can sign up for or schedule a time for your SignUp dates to open (Premium upgrade required).
  • We make it easy to make assignments manually for those without smartphone/internet access.
  • Electronic Participant Check-in allows designated supervisors to check-in Participants as they arrive from their mobile device and record walk-ups so you know who was on-site when. (Premium upgrade required)
  • Participants can request to be notified when popular Spots open up or when the you add new dates to the SignUp calendar. (Notification Waitlist -- Premium Upgrade Required)
  • Multiple SignUp calendars can be posted to a common Group Page - one page with one URL for easy sharing. This lets you set up separate SignUps for certain groups, locations, or categories of participants.



SignUp activities during coronavirus emerency


Using SignUp Reporting and Messaging to Support Contact Tracing

Messaging and Reporting tools in the SignUp’s Organizer view will help you identify everyone who was on-site together at the same time and contact Participants to alert them of a possible covid-19 exposure. To start, login and open your SignUp's Organizer view from your Dashboard tab by clicking the SignUp Title in the My SignUps menu.

  • Contact Tracing is easy with private messaging to those on site at the same time who may have been exposed to someone infected with virus.
  • Detailed reporting has a variety of report and export formats for your records and to share with health officials when required.
  • Your SignUp data is saved until you delete it.

send messages to participants


SignUp Reporting feature


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