Can I Get a QR Code for my SignUp or Group Page?

Its easy to get a QR code for each SignUp or Group Page.


How to Get a QR Code for an Individual SignUp

When you create a new SignUp, we send a unique printable QR code for each SignUp along with your Organizer's notification email titled, "Invitation Preview and Shareable Link". 

Please copy/paste the information shown in section 3 below onto a printable page and post the QR Code where your walk-up Participants can easily access it. They will scan the QR code with their smartphone camera and be able to sign up for your activity right on-the-spot. (Note: Anyone scanning the QR code will be able to sign up for your activity.)




If you can't find this email, you can get a new QR code sent to you from the Invite tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. Here's how: 

  1. Open your SignUp's Organizer view (login and click the SignUp Title from your Dashboard tab).
  2. Go to the Invite tab and choose the first option, "Send an email through SignUp"
  3. At the bottom of this screen, click the "Send Draft Invitation" button. The QR code unique to this SignUp will be sent to you in a message from


How to Get a QR Code for a Group Page

It's easy to get a QR code for your Group Page. Please follow these steps:

1. Copy the Shareable Invitation URL for the Group Page and paste it in your browser. You'll notice that the shorter URL starting with "" will be automatically converted to a longer address. For example: becomes

2. Working in your browser navigation bar, add "/qr_code" to the end of the address and press Enter. For example, the new address becomes

3. The new screen will show the QR Code for your Group Page. Copy/Paste this code into your presentation, sign or flyer for quick access. 

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