How can I stop the Participant Check-In Verification emails sent the day after an event?

If you're a Premium Member using the Participant Check-In feature and selected the Participant Verification option, automated emails are sent the day after a scheduled activity/event to any Participant that was not checked-in on-site the day of the activity/event. The Participant can retroactively check themselves in (honor system) so you can get a full tally of participation.

If you no longer want these emails to be sent, please reset your Participant Check-In settings:

  1. Login at on a large-screen device.
  2. Go to the My Tools tab at the top of the page and select Participant Check-In in the pull-down menu. 
  3. Choose to Start Over and select any options you like, but DO NOT select the Participant Verification option. 
  4. Complete the set up steps and on the final screen choose the Share tab to get your NEW Check-in URL to share with other people who will be checking-in Participants on-site.

NOTE: If you don't plan to use Check-In features, you can stop after choosing Start Over.

Also see: Participant / Volunteer Check-in

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