Adding Virtual Meeting Links to your SignUp: Zoom, Google Meets, Go To Meeting, etc.

It's easier than ever to engage your Participants and Parents in online meetings. Adding virtual meeting links to your SignUp will automatically include them in Participant confirmation and reminder messages - "live" and ready to click!

Choosing where to add your virtual meeting link depends on if it's the same link for everyone, or if it's a unique link for each Participant/Participant Group.

Option 1: Same Meeting Link for Everyone

If the meeting link is the same for all Participants and Parents on your SignUp, please enter the meeting URL in the Location field (in the very first planning screen when you set up your SignUp, or in the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view).

NOTE: Be sure to start with 'http://' and include any passwords information. Please see: Tour of Details Tab



Option 2: Unique Meeting Link for Each Participant/ Participant Group

If the meeting link is different for each Spot Participants and Parents sign up for, paste the meeting URL in the Extra Details field for that Spot. See #3 in this article: How to Add Spot(s) to your SignUp

Option 3: Add Meeting Link to Reminders Only (Same meeting link for everyone.)

If you would like to add a short note with a meeting link and include it automatically in ALL reminder messages that will be sent within a single SignUp, add it in the Settings tab, in the Email Preferences screen. Please see: How do I change my SignUp's Organizer Email Preferences?


Option 4: Sending a Meeting Link to Participants from Multiple SignUps or a Group Page (Same meeting link for everyone.)

To send a message with a shared meeting link to ALL Participants from multiple SignUps at once, or to ALL Participants on all SignUps posted to your Group Page(s), please choose Advanced Messaging from the My Tools Menu and send a custom message and paste in your resource or meeting link.


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