How do I change the primary organizer?

You have two choices when making someone else the Primary Organizer of your SignUp - please read carefully:

  • Pass the Baton: Transfer the Primary Organizer status to a new organizer and you will NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS to the SignUp.
  • Add and Change the Organizer: Choose someone new to be the Primary Organizer for the SignUp, and you remain on as an Assistant Organizer. (Available to Premium Members Only - scroll down for instructions)

Here's how to Pass the Baton, it's easy!

  1. Working from a large screen device, Sign in with your Organizer credentials and go to the Dashboard. Click the My SignUps menu to show your list of SignUps.
  2. Find the SignUp you wish to transfer to a new Primary Organizer.
  3. To the right of the SignUp title, click on Tools > Pass the Baton and follow the instructions to Transfer the activity to a new Organizer.



Add and Change the Organizer is a two-step process: (1) Add the New Organizer then (2) Switch SignUp Ownership.

1. Add the New Organizer

A. First, double check that the person you want to add as the new Organizer has a registered account with a password. Most prior participants don't yet have a registered account. (If you're not sure, we'll alert you when the times comes.)


B. Open your SignUp's Organizer view and go to the Details tab. (Login and click the SignUp title from your Dashboard / My SignUps screen to access the Organizer view.)    mceclip1.png


C. Near the bottom of the screen click Add New Organizer and enter the new Organizer's contact information. will send an automated Assistant Organizer invitation to the new person.




2. Switch Account Ownership

Once the new person has accepted your Assistant Organizer invitation, you may make them the Primary Organizer of the SignUp by selecting their name in the pull-down menu at the top of the Organizer Information section.




Important information about Primary and Assistant Organizers:

  • All email messages list only the Primary Organizer's name in the from field.
  • The Primary Organizer is listed as the Organizer Contact for the activity SignUp sheet.
  • Only the Primary Organizer may designate someone else as the Primary Organizer.
  • Only one Organizer at a time may open a SignUp. To prevent Organizers from writing over each others work, automatically LOCKS the SignUp when it is opened. You must click the Back to My SignUps when done editing a SignUp to make the SignUp available for other Organizers.
  • See also: What is the difference between the Primary Organizer and Assistant Organizer roles?


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