What is the difference between the Primary Organizer and Assistant Organizer?

Primary vs. Assistant Organizers

Only the Primary Organizer of a Premium account can...

  • Add other Organizers as Assistant Organizers to the SignUp
  • Archive, restore or delete a SignUp
  • Make another organizer the Primary Organizer. {Once that change is made, the original Primary Organizer may NOT take back ownership of the SignUp. It must be passed back by the new Primary Organizer.}
  • Run hours-tracking reports within a SignUp
  • Initiate Premium features (Waivers, Participant Check-in, etc.)
  • Run and download reports across multiple SignUps or Group Pages (Premium Reporting)
  • Receive in-bound messages from participants

BOTH the Primary and Assistant Organizers of a Premium account can...

  • Add, edit and delete Spots and dates within a SignUp
  • Manually lock days
  • Invite participants
  • Message participants
  • Run rosters, reports and export SignUp data (Basic Reporting)
  • Change themes
  • Receive weekly status reports and SignUp notifications from

Learn how to add: Assistant Organizers here >

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are the Primary Organizer and your upgrade includes the Ad-free option, do NOT change the Primary Organizer (unless you are both part of a Campus/Organization plan).  If you are the only upgraded account, the ad-free will not work on the other Organizer account.


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