Can I add another organizer to my activity?

Premium users can easily add an Assistant Organizer. offers the ability to add an Assistant Organizer to your signup as a Premium Feature.  Premium subscribers are allowed assistant organizers; Starter level (1 per signup), Plus level (5 per signup), Max level (up to 15 per signup).

Please register as a Premium user or you can upgrade an existing free account by signing In and clicking on Go Premium!

You can also upgrade from your Profile in your account:

Scroll down to see Account Type (under Additional Information) and click this button to upgrade:

Here are some examples of how our volunteer leaders are finding our Assistant Organizer feature useful:

  • Co-chairs of a charity walk both access the participant roster and schedule of participant to-do or to-bring items on walk-day.
  • A volunteer coordinator for Habitat sets up a schedule of needs for a house build and shares the schedule with the workplace participant team captain. The team captain then invites co-workers to sign up to staff the build.
  • A room parent creates a classroom helper schedule for the month and the teacher signs in to print a daily schedule.
  • A fall carnival chair creates a listing of carnival booth participant needs for each class, and shares it with each room parent. The room parent then invites the class parents to sign up. Both the room parent and carnival chair can monitor the class SignUp sheet to ensure shifts are filled.

To add an Assistant Organizer, to your activity, please follow these steps:

    1. Log-in to and click on
    2. Click on the SignUp to which you wish to add another organizer and choose Manage.
    3. Click the tab.
    4. Scroll down to view the Organizer Information.
    5. Click Add an Assistant Organizer and enter the Assistant Organizer's contact information. Note: All Assistant Organizers must register at before they can be added to the SignUp  as an organizer. Most people who have used our site before have only used the site as a volunteer/participant and do not have a registered account.


Scroll down and choose

Important information about the Assistant Organizer feature:

  • Only one Organizer at a time may open an activity. To prevent Organizers from writing over each other's work, automatically LOCKS the activity when it is opened. You must click Back to My SignUps to make the activity available for other Organizers.
  • All email messages list only the Primary Organizer's name (and in the From field.
  • The Primary Organizer is listed as the Organizer Contact for the activity SignUp sheet.
  • The Primary organizer and Assistant organizer are designated under the Type heading.
  • Only the Primary Organizer may designate someone else as the Primary Organizer. To do this, select Change Primary Organizer at the bottom of the Organizer page.

Participants may always sign up when an Organizer has a SignUp open, except when the Organizer is editing a specific date. Participants will then receive this message "This calendar day is currently being edited by the organizer. Please try again later".


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