How do I add an organizer to my SignUp?

Want someone else to assist you in managing your SignUp, to have access for reporting purposes, or for editing the SignUp and making assignments? We make it easy for Premium (upgraded) account holders to add Assistant Organizers to any SignUp. You may add a different Assistant Organizer to each SignUp, the total per SignUp depending on your Premium account type:  

  • Starter  (1 Assistant Organizer per signup)
  • Plus level (5 Assistant Organizers per signup)
  • Max level (up to 15 Assistant Organizers per signup).

Login and click Go Premium! in the menu or go to your Profile page by clicking your name in the menu to upgrade your Basic (free) account. 


To add an Assistant Organizer, to your activity, please follow these 3 steps:

1. Open the Details tab of your SignUp's Organizer view. (Login and from the Dashboard, go to the My SignUps menu and click the SignUp Title to access the Organizer view.)



2. Scroll down to view the Organizer Information. Click the orange Add an Assistant Organizer button and enter the Assistant Organizer's contact information. 


3. Scroll down and click to save your new Organizer.

IMPORTANT Note: All Assistant Organizers must register an account with a password at before they can be added as an Assistant Organizer. Most prior participants and volunteers do not yet have a registered account (since they signed up with a direct email invitation link).

Important information about Primary and Assistant Organizers:

  • Only one Organizer at a time may open an activity. To prevent Organizers from writing over each other's work, automatically LOCKS the activity when it is opened. You must click Back to My SignUps to make the activity available for other Organizers.


  • All email messages list only the Primary Organizer's name (and in the From field.
  • The Primary Organizer is listed as the Organizer Contact for the SignUp.
  • Both the Primary Organizer and the Assistant Organizer will receive the same email notifications about the SignUp's status.
  • The Primary Organizer and Assistant Organizer are designated under the Type heading.
  • Only the Primary Organizer may designate someone else as the Primary Organizer. Learn how here: How do I change the primary organizer?

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